Yoga and Naturopathy is recognized not only in India but in the whole world. Yoga and Naturopathy healing powers are present in human body. This means that Yoga and Naturopathy is a healing energy. The public, central and state governments promote Yoga and Naturopathy and facilitate communication within the Yoga and Naturopathy profession.

Objective: The purpose of the council is to prepare qualified physicians and raise their awareness. The council aims to build successful medicine and cooperate in the field of Yoga and Naturopathy research. Yoga and Naturopathy is committed to advancing education, training and research and professional development. Yoga and Naturopathy is a healing energy power, which is full of physical and psychological feelings are complete for human welfare. The ability to maintain health is responsible for the natural healing process.

What is Yoga and Naturopathy?: Naturopathy acting on diseases does not just search for and cure the cause. Herbal medicine, water therapy, soil therapy, diet, exercise, physical therapy and lifestyle, advice to meet these goals, naturopathy include therapeutic methods. In addition, some people choose the Naturopathy practice to get medical practice and license in All India Council of Yoga and Naturopathy.